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Our shop mainly engaged in various kinds of electronic components, such
as raspberry PI, raspberry PI 2, raspberry PI 3, diy kit, esp8266, mega 2560, lm2596, ds18b20,LCD, sensor , NRF24l01, breadboard, LED, sensor, diodes,
integrated circuits, capacitors, resistors, relays, potentiometer, PCB board, LED display, DC-DC power module etc
At the same time, we also run some other products, there is a need to also can understand:
18650 charger , Inverters, AC/DC Adapters , Switching Power Supply,
Solar Controllers, Switches, and a variety of CNC parts,Milling cutter, milling insert, there is
a need, you can ask oh
If there is a need and do not understand, you can contact us, we
wholeheartedly for your service! Also thank you for your visit.
Based on 51 single-chip capacitance meter, inductance meter, frequency meter, powerful, can measure a variety of non polarity capacitors, polarity capacitors, inductors and frequency
just power on when the LCD will probably have about 2 seconds of the white screen, this is because the program is designed in such a way, power 2 sec systems in the calculation of some behind measurement need to use the initial reference, white screen interval in addition to the power switch is pressed, other switches require bomb, if a switch is pressed, behind the measurement data will not be accurate, remember!
White screen after 2 seconds, the LCD will display: F/C/L Tester, parameter measurement can be started when the components you want to.
Non-polar capacitors such as measurement, after good non-polar capacitors according to write "non-polar capacitor test switch", such as measuring inductance, connected inductance press "inductor test switch", after five function switch can only press a at the same time, press the what test, not used for pop-up.
non polar capacitor, inductor, polarity capacitance test of the time these components are not polarity connected to the test seat, the frequency of the test need to distinguish between polarity, attention.
if it is to buy the package after the first use of the welding need to adjust the brightness of the LCD, power 2 seconds after the top of the 10K potentiometer adjustment board, so that 1602 of the display effect to achieve a relatively good state:
After adjusting the display, the next adjustment board potentiometer, so that the voltage between the LM393 fourth feet and fifth feet is 3.16V.
The above 2 steps are to be adjusted once each module is good, after the adjustment is not needed to adjust the use of the.
& have spent & have spent Three, the function test
Measurement shows the nominal 224 (220000PF) of the monolithic capacitors, measuring the value of 220006PF.
Error analysis: 224 monolithic capacitors is 220000 pf, test error for 6 pf, because capacitance itself also have error, the data accuracy is very high.
Measurement shows the nominal 220UF electrolytic capacitor, the measurement value is 220.97uF.
Error analysis: test error of 0.97 UF, because capacitance itself also have error, the data is still relatively high precision.
A large electrolytic capacitor 2200UF measurement, measuring value is 2206.42uF.
Error analysis: 6.42 UF capacitance error. The precision is also is not bad. Electrolytic capacitor itself larger error.
Measuring nominal 100UH inductance, the measured value of 101.6uH.
Error analysis: inductance itself also have error, and inductance pin is bent, can lead to error. Test data is normal.
measurement frequency: (I am a measurement of the oscilloscope generated 1000HZ signal)
frequency measurement is very accurate! (indoor measurement, the light is not good, the photo is dark, please forgive me!)
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  • Type: Voltage Regulator
  • Condition: New
  • Brand Name: CNIKESIN
  • Supply Voltage: other
  • Dissipation Power: other
  • Operating Temperature: other
  • Model Number: diy kit
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Application: other
  • Advantage1: Fast delivery
  • Advantage2: Long life
  • Advantage3: Brand new 100% High quality

  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.4kg (0.88lb.)
  • Package Size: 10cm x 15cm x 10cm (3.94in x 5.91in x 3.94in)

SKU: a264
inductance мерит good, and here is not capacity

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