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Title: 30 kinds of premium small mines combination
Size: 13cm * 6.5cm * 2.4cm (the overall size of a single box) 2.5 * 3.2 * 2.4 (each grid size) Weight: 300-330g (superscript mine mineral cartridge overall weight) List of items: 30 different samples, packed in three 10 grid box. Packaging are common packing!
Baby Description:
The first thing you get when the mineral is old?
Is go to the mountains and small partners play resulting crystal, or picked up on the roadside gravel. Or go to the beach on vacation that year, picked up a pebble on the beach.
There is a customer, I want to buy a trilobite fossil, because small when my dad had sent a to me, later I knocked off.
For him, a mineral that is full of happy memories and the father of it.
Children to buy a mineral specimen, it becomes a part of childhood memories.
Treasurer carefully selected 30 kinds of fine mineral composition of this combination of a small mine, pack of 10 kinds of minerals, a total of three boxes, is the entry of mineral enthusiasts preferred specimen box, it is very suitable for children to use when you know mineral Oh!
Goodies: 10 kinds of premium small mines portfolio. Best-selling models. Close to 5 yuan per division, with exquisite specimen box, very suitable to give children to understand mineral! Affinity any special requirements can be customized according to your request, the corresponding rare mineral prices will be higher.
science: In Primary foreign geology lesson on the creation of an annual foreign mining exhibition, will see a lot of children\'s figure, usually the school will offer geology lesson, their mineral knowledge, maybe not rich yet we adults do. Let children childhood exposure to natural minerals, not only can learn a wealth of knowledge, but also can stimulate children\'s curiosity, want to explore.
Safety: These minerals are natural and no radioactivity, can rest assured that the children play, study. After the children remember playing hand wash oh, develop a love of healthy habits!
About Mineral Size:
Pro small mineral reaction than expected after receipt of the goods, so to shoot a box in my hand convenience get emotional contrast.
Some parents might ask, can the lattice get big points.
Get big points grid will directly lead to increased costs, sell on Taobao we can search to 28 grid (not the 30 grid oh) price is 520 yuan. Our 30 grid is 186 yuan. If you want to clear the so-called specimen of use is just entering this area, spend the least money quickly grasp some basic knowledge of minerals, that this is very suitable. Saved more than 300 yuan a large can wait after they are familiar with, buy a few collectible specimens. Learning type of specimen, does not need too much, saying that white is a big waste.
Now mineral expensive, spend a few dollars to have teaching meaning with a grid of specimens, but also really hard not to repeat 30 grid. This is why our 30 grid is updated regularly, and is updated once one or two reasons. It is on a limited budget in the material hard to find. So mineral enthusiasts joined the line, or send children to understand minerals, this is a very good choice. If you browse to happen to stock the shelves, do not hesitate to miss it!
*** All pictures are taken in kind, please rest assured purchase * **
thk145,30 grid, this set is for sale! ! ! (Photo of a thing, constantly updated!)
50 cell sample boxes, shop the most comprehensive combination of mineral specimens, this set is for sale!
60 cell sample boxes, shop the most comprehensive combination of mineral specimens, this set is for sale, welcome reservations, please contact customer service!

  • Material: Natural crystal / semi-precious stones
  • Crystal and semi-precious stones Categor: other
  • Color Classification: 30 frames random hair specimen box, can offer five yuan specimen box 5
  • Price range: 101-200
  • Fineness: brand new

  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 2.0kg (4.41lb.)
  • Package Size: 4cm x 4cm x 3cm (1.57in x 1.57in x 1.18in)

SKU: a7949

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