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DHL/EMS DMX wireless controller transmitter+receiver,LED Lighting Controller,LED transceiver DMX 512 control, Free Shipping Description
Advantages of our wireless dmx products:
A. Compact in size:
Dimension: 8.5cm x 2cm x 2cm (Receiver) 75X147X43 mm (wireless LCD controller)
B. Convenient in operating.
You can just plug the item into your DMX Controller or DMX lighting fixture, it will act as wireless DMX transmitter or receiver. That is it!
The new features and benefits for the receiver is that there is extra power supply (adapter) included so that it can be used in any dmx lighting fixtures, and the second feature is that the LED indicator is flashing downward, this will help the user to identify the status of the unit when it is plugged to the lighting fixture which is hung up on the truss.
C. Using global free license 2.4GHz frequency band, from 2400MHz to 2525MHz, 126 automatically jumping frequencies to ensure smooth communications among transmitters and receivers. The standard reliable and safe communication distance between our transmitter and receiver is 500 meters.
D. Capable of setting up different configurations to meet different needs, like point to point, point to multiple or multiple to multiple. Both listed transmitter & receiver support up to 7 universes of DMX (512x7=3584 receivers).
Technical Parameters: Tricolor LED displaying 126 channels automatically jumping frequency, high anti-jamming ability to ensure working reliability. 7 groups ID code settable, user can use 7 groups individual wireless system without any interference with each other in the same place. Input voltage: 5VDC 500mA MI N Communication distance: 500M Work frequency section: 2.4GHz ISM band, 126 channels frequency section. Max transmitting power rate: 20dBm Receiver sensitive: -94dBm Signal port: 3 pin male plug (for transmitter) & female plug (for receiver)
Operating manual :
ID code and LED color corresponding correlation:
1: RED
Press key 1 time to indicate ID setting, press again to set ID, then ID value adding 1 each time by press.
Working condition:
LED constant lit up: no DMX or wireless signal
Red LED flash: transmitting
Green LED flash: Receiving
RF frequency------2. 400-2. 525G, total 126 channels, it is searching automatically.
ID Code------1-7 groups ID code, press "Key" for setting, it only can works under same ID code of transmitter and receiver.
Establishing Communication :
1. Power on DMX512 wireless received board and transmitted board.
2. Press "Key" button to set same ID value of transmitted board and received board, please use different ID value if you need to use more than 1 group wireless system at the same time in the same place.
3. The red LED flashes when transmitter transmits DMX data by no interfered frequency section, then receiver changes communicated frequency section. Green LED flash till received corrected same ID value, LED flash more fast once DMX data more fast.
4. Communication was established correctly then.
Product Brief:
DMX512 wireless receiver/transmitter transmits standard DMX512 protocol data(generated by console ) by wireless way, which solve lighting control issues of wireless transmitting completely between lighting controller and lighting, lighting and lighting and so on. It gets rid of relying on connecting cables completely.
And also can ensure without any time delay when signal data is transmitting, signal data is real time and reliable. This product adopts global free 2.4GHz ISM frequency band. High effective GFSK modulation,communication design is 126 channels jumping frequency, high anti-jamming ability.
Wireless LCD DMX Technical Specification:
Model Name: Wireless DMX T/R 2X8 bit LCD to display working condition and parameter. 4 grade power rate output for option. 126 channels automatically jumping frequency to non-interference frequency section, ensuring communication is reliable. 16 groups ID coding for setting, user can use 16 groups individual wireless system without any interference with each other in the same place. Input voltage: 9-12VDC 500MA MIN Communication distance: 500M Working frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band, 126 channels Max transmitting power rate: 20dBm Receive sensitive: -94dBm DMX single terminal: 3Pin male-female socket Dimension: 75X147X43 mm Net weight: 360g
Indoor use only.
Three(3) year warranty, repair, free replacement except damaged artificially.
The manufacturer will not offer free service in warranty period if any repaired or uncapped had happened
It is better to return to manufacturer if repair is a must, do not do any repairing job unless qualified electrician.

  • Item Type: Stage Lighting Effect
  • Style: DMX Stage Light
  • Brand Name: COLORNIE
  • Occasion: Professional Stage & DJ
  • Model Number: TRR-03
  • Input Voltage:
  • Work voltage:
  • Frequency-Agile:
  • Frequencies:
  • Effective Range:
  • Max. Emit Power:
  • Receive Sensitivity:
  • DMX connector:
  • Size:

  • Unit Type: lot (16 pieces/lot)
  • Package Weight: 5.0kg (11.02lb.)
  • Package Size: 15cm x 12cm x 5cm (5.91in x 4.72in x 1.97in)

SKU: a31482

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